The Dreidel Company

Making the Holidays Joyous

Dreidels have been a part of Jewish culture for centuries. Also known as a sevivon, this delightful toy is a traditional element in the celebration of Hanukkah. At The Dreidel Company, we specialize in providing the highest quality dreidels for our customers. Our dreidels are painstakingly crafted and designed to provide you and your family with years of holiday play. We even sell fidget spinners and Hanukkah candles to help you enjoy the most joyous experience this holiday season.

Where Do Dreidels Come From?

Many theories exist about the origins of the dreidel, including a belief that it dates back to the days of Queen Esther and refers to the die cast by Haman when deciding on the right day to eliminate the Jewish people. Others trace the dreidel to the second century B.C. and the time when the Greeks and Syrians seized control of the holy city of Jerusalem and outlawed the teaching of the Torah. Legend has it that the children of the Jewish people went to nearby caves to study in secret. If they spotted a Greek patrol in the area, the Jewish children would quickly hide their books and play with spinning tops engraved with Hebrew letters instead. The Maccabean revolt soon ended the reign of the Greeks and their allies, but the dreidel remained as a symbol of steadfast faith even in the toughest times.

How to Play the Dreidel Game

Many variants exist, but the most commonly played version of dreidel involves spinning the top and taking the action indicated by the Hebrew letter shown:

  • Nun indicates no action by the player.
  • Hay entitles the player to take half the pot.
  • Shin requires a payment by the player to the pot.
  • Gimmel allows the player to collect the entire pot of stakes at play.

When gimmel has emptied the pot, each of the players must contribute an agreed-upon amount to the stakes for the game to allow play to continue. If one player cannot come up with the amount needed, he or she is out of the game. The stakes for these games can be monetary. However, it is more traditional to play for candy, small toys and other items beloved by children.

The Dreidel Company takes pride in providing the most beautiful and durable products to help you celebrate Hanukkah in style. We deliver natural-wood and multi-colored dreidels to suit your needs and your budget, allowing you to enjoy the best holidays ever with family and friends this year.